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Game Mechanics

Duels in SeaChampions

The duels in SeaChampions are quick and simple. They’re composed of matches and rounds, where the winner of the duel must be victorious in three matches. Within each match, victory is awarded to the first player who wins two rounds.
Each team will have a commander, a champion chosen to lead. Their nationality will influence where in the seven seas the duel will take place (defining the current and, possibly, other environmental aspects) and they will be the first champion at play in the first match.


Actions in a Duel

Before the duel, each player will choose between three pressure levels. This choice will decide the depth in which the first champions will be fighting. If both players choose the same initial pressure, they start at it, if they choose differently, a middle ground between their choices will be set.

As the first match starts, each player will have a limited amount of time to take an action, although neither of them will be able to use the same action more than once in a match. Their actions can be:

  • Cleaning the ocean: This action will reduce pollution by one stage.
  • Emerge or submerge: This action will increase or decrease the pressure of the environment. If both players choose the same option,it may change by two stages instead of one (as well as nullifying each other if the dueling players choose opposite options).
  • Chain-Cleaning the ocean: This action may be used only once in a whole duel. Chain-Cleaning the ocean will reduce pollution by three stages.
  • Activating an ability: The player may use their action to activate the unlocked abilities of their active champion, these abilities are usually related to their tribe, save for some exceptions that may come to be.
  • Replacing the active champion: If no rounds have been played in a match, the player may use their action to swap their active champion with another one in their team; this ability may only be used once per duel.


Choosing an Attribute

At this stage, after choosing their action, both players will choose the attribute their champion will use in the round. Their attributes might be affected by the environment and whoever has the higher attribute will win the round. The attributes are:

  • Agility: May be increased by the current, decreased by pollution
  • Brawn: May be reduced by effects from pressure or pollution
  • Cunning: May not be affected by the environment

The Environment

There are three environmental factors that may affect the champions’ attributes:

  • Current: Affects Agility. Each one of the seven seas has a pool of currents that might be at play in a duel.
  • Pollution: Affects both Agility and Brawn. Pollution increases each round and can be reduced by player action.
  • Pressure: Affects Brawn. There are a total of five levels of Pressure, and can be altered by player action.

Rewards and Level

At the end of a duel, both players will be rewarded Sea Points, the winner, obviously, having a larger share. Sea Points are our in-game currency that will be used by all players in order to:

  • Enhance their Level and Ascension Level
  • Set up Challenge Rooms
  • Buy and enhance beginner cards
  • Buy public booster packs

Each champion also has a Level and may have Ascension Levels. Each level a champion acquires will enhance their attributes and level three cards benefit from staking, which makes them much more profitable than mere game assets.

After reaching level three, each level that the champion achieves further will be shown as a star at the top of the cards, right next to their level. This is called it’s Ascension Level and will allow the champion to continue upgrading their attributes further.


Rarity and Elite Champions

Each champion has a rarity rating from Common to Legendary. Each rarity has a percentage of being drawn in booster packs, and the rarest kinds offer other benefits.

  • Common: 77% in event booster packs, 88% in public ones
  • Uncommon: 15% in event booster packs, 8% in public ones
  • Rare: 5% in event booster packs, 3% in public ones
  • Very Rare: 2.5% in event booster packs, 1% in public ones, staking enabled from level one
  • Legendary: 0.5% in event booster packs, unavailable in public ones, staking enabled from level one

Elite champions are a one in ten thousand occurrence, where a different form of the champion takes place, usually with a different color patern. These champions use half the Sea Points necessary to level up and have staking enabled from level one, regardless of their rarity.

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