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Game Tokenomics

Sea champions is a NFT game heavily focused on the community and rewarding players for reaching high leaderboard rankings, while also allowing people to stake cards without having to heavily worry about the META. For that reason, card staking will be based on the card’s rarity, and PVP and PVE rewards will have a separate pool from which they will get resources.
Players may also RENT their cards, choosing how much to charge and/or a percentage of winnings from that card. This is the initial split between those pools, and those values might change as the game is implemented if significant disparities are found. Those changes will be voted by the community as the Seachain token standard voting process.

Players will receive REWARDS from:

Leaderboard and official tournament rewards

Both Leaderboard and official tournament rewards come from the PVP pool, which is composed of the values shown here.


% of Booster Sale


% of Queued tournaments


% of Card Rental

Card Staking

Just by having cards, they generate passive income based on fees.


% of booster sale


% of marketplace


% of card rental

Play to earn

People will also receive rewards from playing the game, completing missions, those rewards will come from the following values:


% of booster sale


% of queued tournament


% of card rental fee

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