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The Tribes

Tribes of the Seven Seas

As the Sea Champion tournament approaches, warriors from every tribe rise from the depths of the ocean to fight for the right to lead the efforts against ocean pollution, as they present themselves, each bears a flag showing their origin, and what they fight for.


Having both the tools and guts to grasp for a clean ocean, they will not run from a fight, while not letting their foes do it either. This tribe is composed of many kinds of clawed creatures, like crabs, lobsters and some creatures that may surprise the usual bystander.


Some say they’re all poisonous, others say they’re the heart of the ocean. No one knows for sure the extension of their numbers, but as they often act as one living organism, that might not be relevant at all. This tribe is composed of several different types of both individual or clusters of organisms, being one of the most diverse of the tribes.


Usually out of conflict due to their clever tactics, the Manylimbs tribe is known for their camouflage and manipulation of the environment in their favor, being adaptable and open-minded. This tribe is composed mostly of tentacled creatures, but other multi-limbed individuals are surely included too.


Through fangs, stings and raw instinct, Roughskins make the toughest warriors. They rely on their evolutionary edge and their fearsome reputation to achieve victory. This tribe is composed of cartilaginous fish from every corner of the seven seas.


Most Scalefins tread the ocean lightly and confidently. They are fast, strong and numerous, having a great sense of unity. This tribe is composed of all kinds of osseous fish, swimming through many different currents and living amongst all other tribes.


As far as communication goes, the Seasingers tribe is unmatched. Between their powerful dives and lung strength there’s an unstoppable will, leading them to fight until their last breath. This tribe is composed of mammals, having both the need to breathe as well as the ability to create sounds from their breath.


From their protective carapaces and their fierce will to thrive, the Shellbearers could easily be the most determined tribe to fight ocean pollution. This tribe is composed of several different kinds of cockles, barnacles, oysters, turtles and other carapaced sea creatures.

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